Combo Program

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At ICS we understand that not all individuals can attend Day Support five days a week and that sometimes individuals will need to leave early during the day. The Combo Program of ICS Day Support allows individuals to participate in activities that are catered to their different schedules. This offers the most flexibility while also maintaining the stability and structure of our other Day Support programs.

Combo program participants take part in sensory, recreational, and educational activities while at the Day Support Center. The Combo group also participates in community based activities that are local and do not adhere a specific time frame. ICS staff coordinates pick up or drop off time as necessary for the individual to participate in these activities.  This process is facilitated through open communication between house managers, families, support coordinators and/or staff regarding the logistics of all appointments that individuals have during the day so that they can be on time for various events.

Some of the daily activities include:

  • Trips to local parks for sensory therapy
  • Outings to shopping centers to work on community integration skills
  • Arts and crafts to develop creative skills
  • Pet Therapy
  • Xbox Kinect Gaming to enhance visual, motor, range of motion, and sensory skills
  • Tai Chi at the Day Support Center
  • Working in the nursery at Boulevard Flowers